Lawns By Spence offers an abundance of lawncare services as well as other services to keep your yard and lawn in tip top shape. We do it all. No job is too big or too small. Our staff will work hard to provide professional and exceptional services to each and every client. Will will provide the exact services you need that fit your specific landscaping needs.

Blowing, Debris Removal and Storm Cleanup Services

Is your lawn and yard looking less than pretty with the recent influx of Florida storms and inclement weather? Is your beautiful grass hiding under limbs, moss, and leaves from a bout of high winds? We can help! Whether you need just once time clean up, your lawn and sidewalk blown, or removal of debris, or recurring services from our professional landscapers – we are here for you. Let us take the bite out of after the storm cleanup!

Mowing, Weed Eating, Leaf Removal and Hedging & Edging Services

Tired of trying to use the little personal time away from work keeping up your yard and lawn? Are you spending all weekend, every weekend tidying up your lawn to keep it presentable? Are your days off and vacation days spent mowing and sweating in the Florida heat? Do you try to hedge and edge, but it just doesn’t look as nice as you would like? We understand how time consuming,aggravating, and tedious it is. Let our staff at Lawns By Spence do your mowing, weed eating, hedging, edging, and leaf removal. Get your personal time back.

Pressure Washing, Tree Removal, SOD and Mulch Placement Services

landscaping and lawncare services including sod, mulchKeeping your home and lawn beautiful and presentable is not easy work at all. Unless you have an endless amount of time to work on your yard, it will take more time than you have to get and keep the presentable appearance that your neighbors will be envious of. Lawns By Spence can pressure wash your home and concrete, to make it bright and clean again. We can also remove any unwanted trees or shrubbery, add some beautiful SOD pieces, mulch, and and get you some nice shrubs placed if needed. Please contact us if you are need of these services. We will work to make your home, lawn, and yard beautiful and unique.